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Much Ado About Madams - Jacquie Rogers In my quest to read as many indies as possible this year (I just made that goal up, but it sounds good) I decided to snag this on sale from some website advertising thingy. I didn't even read the synopsis. Or if I did, I promptly forgot it.My reading tastes are eclectic. If you follow my reviews you know this and probably wish I had one specific taste. But no. Strangely enough, as varied as my reading material is, my taste in romances is pretty specific. I can think of three romance writers off the top of my head that I actually LOVE and buy their books: the incomparable Susan Elizabeth Philips(whose work has disappointed me of late), Jude Deveraux(everything she wrote in the middle of her career, nothing too early or lately), and Jennifer Crusie (just for Bet Me alone, does she deserve to be on this list).This has not stopped me from trying everything under the sun just for funsies. But you know, I have a certain formula: no sex too soon without a good reason (I really like a nice anticipatory lead-in), no overbearing man throwing the girl around like a ragdoll, a likeable heroine, and some honest to goodness laughs. I am a romantic comedy fan.So let me just say how pleasantly surprised I was by my random pick-up of Roger's book. It had all of these things. Rogers had her own unique style, which I liked, while she also reminded me of some of the Deveraux historical romances I read. Do I think she's up there with Deveraux? Not yet. But given some time and lots of writing, I DEFINITELY think she could be. I wasn't expecting to find this book funny, but there were many times where I laughed out loud. A scene with Lucinda, a mule, and a shotgun in particular had me embarrassing myself at the gym because I couldn't contain my mirth.Now, all that goodness being said, the story was a bit convoluted at times. One part of the ending was weird to me, the way it was hurried through with the uncle. I wish that some of the side characters had been a bit more fleshed out than, "She cooks great." or "Her voice is strained from when someone tried to strangle her." Especially since Rogers took such great care to make the prostitutes sympathetic and likeable (whereas many authors would have just taken the "they're disgusting and pitiful" route).Perhaps she will do that with her next installment. Overall a highly enjoyable book and a fun read. Recommended for readers of historical romance who like a bit of humor in the writing.