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The 19th Wife - David Ebershoff I think I differ from most in liking this book a lot. I can understand why it would be controversial -it's there in the title. :)Why I loved this book. Well, first of all, we get a look at the origins of the Mormon faith that most people don't see, including, I believe, people in the church. My husband is a former Mormon and I'm sure this book angered and disappointed many people, but for me it was a fascinating look at the beginnings of a religious community. My only wish was that the Brigham's wife tale wasn't SO one-sided. It was obvious from reading that the author felt that anyone in that society would feel demoralized and hateful of their situation as a multiple wife. I seriously doubt that was ALWAYS the case, and there had to be more of a feeling of good and bad elements. I'm not keen on people judging history through OUR eyes, because we have a completely different culture. And yet, in the case of this author, when writing fiction, one HAS to be a judge and have a perspective, so that is why I left my dissatisfaction by the wayside and really started to enjoy the book.For me, this book reminded me a lot of the feeling I had when reading Memoirs of a Geisha. I was fully transported into a universe about which I knew nothing (except from Big Love, haha) and was fascinated by the cultural and social aspects of the world I encountered.I also loved how the other storyline, from present day, was told by a boy. Often when we watch Oprah or 20/20 and see this kind of perspective, we only see it from the poor downtrodden women and girls that get roped into it. This "Lost Boy" had a tale of his own to tell and a intriguing mystery to solve. I enjoyed the depth of his story.I gave this book 5 stars because I couldn't put it down, I loved the characters, and the story kept a great pace. That being said, this is NOT a book for everyone and I think this is a case of love it or hate it. So read at your own risk! :)