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The Princetta - Anne-Laure Bondoux This was an odd book, which I was somewhat prepared for, seeing how it was originally in French and translated by the nice lady who did Cornelia Funke's books.What did I think... well, the first half of the book felt very rushed. No descriptions, no meaty filler, just a lot of jumbled and stilted plot and dialogue. The second half of the book takes such an odd turn, (seriously, I won't spoil it in case you decide to pick this book up, but it is WEIRD) that it almost seems as though it is a different book. I mean, WOW. And again, there is not enough description or plot to keep me going. I essentially skimmed the last 100 pages to see where the characters would end up.The very last part of the book is so far out of left field I was staggered. People are gone, they come back, a kingdom decimated, it comes back, villains come back and leave and come back, and holy crap, it was weird.Maybe it makes more sense if you're French, but I would have loved to see this as a SERIES, more fleshed out, more loveable characters, and less of a hodge podge plot. It's like she just sat down and threw a bunch of stuff together and stuck it in a cover with a title.