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Run - Blake Crouch This book is going to be hard to describe, because there are about 2 still moments in the entire thing. It is aptly named. :)So, Run is a really cool mix of sci-fi and thriller. I think that is what saves it for me. Thrillers are great, but I've heard Crouch is a bit on the graphic side, so this book was probably the only book of his that I could have read and not put aside with a wrinkled nose.There are a lucky few authors out there who have a mix of both education and talent, and Crouch is one of them. His story telling is superb, if jolting at times. By starting the story with a family on the run from a strange phenomenon that has turned humanity into one big us vs. them fight, he puts the reader on one big run with them to the finish line -which we don't find out until much later.At first, the book is all about survival, the problem is, the crazies(as I like to call them) are everywhere, they're brutal, and they WILL find you. The main character and his wife, plus their two kids drive from here to there, never seeming to successfully find a safe haven.I give this book 5 stars for the following reasons:-the storyline and pacing are incredibly addictive. I was up until late in the night finishing this sucker. That is a good story-the back story between the husband and wife is carefully interspersed throughout the novel and Crouch does it well. I love it when characters are given depth over the course of a story. Let me tell you, as a writer, that is hard to do.-the ending draws everything up into a neat little bow, with explanation, resolution, and a firm idea of what happens in the end, to all the characters. Thrillers can a lot of time have abrupt endings, but this didn't, and I appreciated that.There are a few nit-picky things I do want to mention, just because it's ME. The first is that I find it REALLY REALLY hard to believe that the crazies found this family everywhere they did. It's like they were all professional trackers or something. The odds of that happening are highly unlikely. And if it's because of the phenomena, then Crouch should have made sure to include that explanation.The constant action was a bit wearing at times. I think it would have affected me less if it was the man and wife and their teenage daughter, but the little boy was just 7. That was pretty harsh and left me wondering if Crouch has kids. It's pretty tough, as a parent, to read what happens to a KID in this book. I mean, at one point, he has them literally crossing a MOUNTAIN, after having had nothing to eat or drink for days. Harsh.So, if you like a fast-paced RUN (why can't I say that except in all caps??), then this is the book for you.