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Guys Read: Funny Business - Eoin Colfer, Christopher Paul Curtis, Kate DiCamillo, Adam Rex, Jack Gantos, David Lubar, Jon Scieszka, Paul Feig, Jeff Kinney, David Yoo, Mac Barnett First of all, several of the stories in this book weren't even funny. I realize that humor is a subjective element in a book, but when I say they weren't funny, I mean, they were downright DEPRESSING. the first story alone almost made me want to close the books.Most of the time, the characters weren't likeable, and I found myself confused by the audience these books are trying to reach. The book says it's aimed at middle school boys, but I couldn't see much in here that they would find hilarious.There were a few shining moments, as with Colfer's story of his childhood inspiration for Artemis Fowl (he is one of my favorite authors for boys, so it was a hardly a surprise that the story was well-written, and funny). Scieszka's own story was laugh out loud, as well.However, one story, featuring a creepy turkey with death on the brain, is more something that belongs in the Twilight Zone than in the pages of a book meant to make boys laugh.The introduction to the book says it all for me. Jon Scieszka sums it up perfectly. Some people can tell a joke and some can't. Several of the authors in this collection should have stayed out of the game.