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Shadowland - Meg Cabot I'm waiting to see where this series goes before I raise my ratings. Basically, I loved the idea. Of course, I loved that movie The Sixth Sense, too, so I guess it's no surprise I'd love this book. I am also a longtime fan of Meg Cabot. Sure, her books aren't for deep thinkers, but if you've got a two year old who wakes up at the crack of dawn and are busy writing a book of your own, Meg Cabot is JUST THE PERSON to read!!As usual, she didn't disappoint. I loved the main character. One thing I have to say for Cabot, her girls aren't wimpy and neither are her boys. She is also one of the better authors at creating side characters that are well fleshed out. I think my only complaint with these books —and honestly it's how I feel about a lot of YA fiction— is that they're too short. Much, much too short. Another 50 pages at least, with character development would have made me a happy girl. Thankfully, it seems to be a fairly long series, so I guess this will give her a chance to develop the main characters over time.Happy Reading!