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Darkness in the Blood  (The Angel's Edge, #2) - Vicki Keire Well, I'm kind of wishing right now that I'd either rated the previous book 4 stars or that it was possible to rate a book higher than 5 stars, because Keire's book Darkness in the Blood was even better than the previous. Though I had relatively few issues with the first book, I did question one of the most dramatic parts. There was no excessive drama in this book, it's just the fast-paced, nail biting drama of a girl who's out to save the world. Everything was just better this time around. Cleaner prose, polished writing style, nicely paced story line and all the same great characters you've come to know and love. Which isn't to say they weren't great BEFORE, but somehow they're even better now. It's funny, though, once again my favorite characters are the side ones: Asheroth, Cassandra, and the beloved Logan. I was a bit disappointed to see less of Amberlyn this time around, however.Overall, this is a prime example of great YA fiction and a credit to indie authors.I'm itching to read the next one, so PLEASE finish it! :)