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Call Me Irresistible - Susan Elizabeth Phillips Reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips is like having a date night with your husband. You KNOW (hopefully) where the evening is going to end, yet the time spent getting there is totally AWESOME!You could not read a more predictable set of books, but for some reason, that's not a bad thing. And this newest installment lives up to the Phillips name.Ted Beaudine is so picture perfect the birds sing at his arrival, trumpets blare, and shining rays of light from heaven gleam at his savior brow. Enter Meg Koranda: disrespectful of the town's superhero and a big hot mess herself. These two are a perfect match, but they take their time figuring it out and HILARIOUS escapades ensue.I laughed so hard that I startled my nursing son SEVERAL times, poor kid is scarred for life now. But this book is totally unbelievable, and all the better for it.My only issue with this book, and the reason it got knocked down a whole STAR was the sex. I'm sorry, but it doesn't do it for me when the MC is dissatisfied with the sex. I know it's supposed to be a joke, but it wasn't funny. I like my characters to be fully satisfied. That is the fun of a book like this. I wish someone had said something to her about that idea. But otherwise, a great read.