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The Well Between The Worlds - Sam Llewellyn This series (dang, I wish I'd known it was a series first because of the cliffhanger ending!) is by far one of the MOST IMAGINATIVE, MOST INTERESTING, MOST CREATIVE children's fiction I've read since the Chrestomanci books by Diana Wynne Jones. This is fantasy of the best kind, but with totally different monsters. You won't find elves or wizards in this book, but you will still be entranced by the creatures and magics that abound in it.Idris and Morgan are an unlikely pair of friends from two different backgrounds. Idris is the son of lowly fisherfolk and Morgan is the daughter of a Knight. When it is discovered that to two have a unique set of powers, they are sent to the city to learn how to be monstergrooms.What are monstergrooms, you may ask? Well, finding that out is all part of the fun of this book. I could not put it down, and that is rare in juvenile fiction. The characters are a boy and a girl, so I think both would be interested in reading it. The language, the descriptions and the characters are FAB. I really can not say enough about this book and highly recommend it for readers of juvenile fiction!