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Shadowed Ground (The Chronicles of Nowhere #2) - Vicki Keire This will be one of my two reluctant 5 stars today. Why reluctant, you ask? Well, it's certainly not a flaw in the writing or the characters. I continue to enjoy the story, as well. What I just can't get behind is the length of these novellas. THEY SHOULDN'T BE NOVELLAS! As a long time reader, if you ask me, "Would you rather have short and sweet and quick" or "wait a long time, but have a truly fleshed out book"... EVERY SINGLE TIME I will tell you to make me wait.I want the whole experience. I want all the words and descriptions. I want the fullness that a good author has to offer.That is the problem here. Vicki Keire is an AMAZING author, but these books are a shallow representation of that fact. When you are a great author, people don't want novellas, they want novels. Otherwise your fans might feel cheated. I didn't pay for these two, I got them for free, so it wouldn't be fair for me to feel cheated. But somehow... I still do.Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to waiting for the third in the Gifted Blood series.