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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I fully realized this book would break my heart when I read it, but I was unprepared for the absolute mind-battering rollercoaster of feeling I would be subjected to.As a mother, there are books I tend to avoid. Children who die books are at the top of the list. Yes, I know it happens. Yes, I have endless amounts of sympathy for the parents to whom it happens. But I can't go around living my life worrying what will happen to my babies. So I choose to be in denial.I am so thankful I lifted the ban for this book. Even though I'm not a fan of the Romeo and Juliet stories, this is one that was told to utter perfection. It is heartbreaking and soul bashing in the best way. I laughed out loud during some parts and cried my heart out during others. This is a book that changed my perspective on death and dying and did it in the best non-whiny, totally understandable way. The two MCs were so great, just so amazing. If you can handle all the death and the frank talk of it, you should definitely read this book.