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Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson Hopefully this book is the second of three that I'm gonna knock out this week! (Gotta get that book reading goal out of the negative, for goodness sakes!)I'd like to review this book in two separate parts, because otherwise, I don't think I'll be giving the descriptive and lyrical narrative any credit.So, the first 2/3rd of this book is astounding. The author is pretty much sensational and traversing the fine line of revealing too much and revealing too little about our main character, Alison.Alison, we know from the get go, is in a mental institution. We also know that a girl from her school is missing, presumed dead. The twist here, Alison believes that she is the murderer.What we don't know, and what keeps us guessing for a significant portion of the book, is if Alison is truly insane or not. Even I, who would call myself a veteran of guessing the plotlines to books, was confused for quite a while on Alison and her true home life.Where Anderson's skill really came into play is that she didn't go with the easy reveals that mess up so many authors (especially in the YA genre). She didn't make anything too obvious, she gave us credit for being mature readers. Every tiny detail was apportioned out in the proper time, making it just that imperative to reach the end of the book. The main character was a little frustrating at times, but overall, I was entirely sympathetic with her and what seems like a debilitating syndrome.The last 1/3 of this book... well, how to describe it...When I was a teenager, I used to watch this show called Sea Quest which was like this military submarine in the future(picture Star Trek underwater). Cool, futuristic, cute guy I had a crush on. Then, 2 seasons into it, the network decided it wasn't interesting enough and they made a major change and added... ***ALIENS*** (said in a creepy high pitched voice).Dude, it totally ruined the show. It was basically a huge joke after that and got canceled. I feel like the last part of this book did not do the first part justice. It felt rushed. It didn't show the same thought and effort and description as the first part. It felt slapped together and seemed full of weird inconsistencies... (I don't want to point them out, because that would kind of spoil the ending.) In short, for me personally, it was a huge disappointment. I will definitely read this author again, she is obviously talented and writes a great story! I don't think I'm going to finish out this series, though. The ending kind of ruined it for me.