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A Clockwork Fairytale - Helen Scott Taylor I'm often asked two questions: why do you keep reading indies (or self-published) books and what are your favorites.I keep reading indie books because of authors like Helen Scott Taylor. I'll admit the title of this book made me a bit trepidatious, but once I read more than a couple chapters, I was hooked.A Clockwork Fairytale is the wrong title for this book, because unlike its title suggests, there is no element of traditional fairytale to be seen when you read it. It doesn't allude to one specific story either. Instead, it is a wonderful fantasy tale that reminded me in style of Tamora Pierce.The main character, Melba, is deliciously sassy, charming, and strong. She isn't afraid to ask for help, but when she makes a decision, she sticks with it.Turk is also a great character, although he was a little too on the fatherly side for me. I understand why that patriarchal feeling would come about, given the character's initial meeting, but I kept forgetting that Turk was only a few years older than Melba, instead of the 10 or so that it seemed like.This world was engrossing, imaginative and thoroughly delightful. The prose was complete without being heavy-handed. I will say that the beginning and ending of the book were a little hurried for me, but they did nothing to detract from my overall enjoyment. If you like Tamora Pierce and you like descriptive fantasy, this is a great book!