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Troll Or Derby - Red Tash *I got this book from Amazon for free, as advertised by the website "BookBlast".I seem to say this so much, but when you're as eclectic a reader as I am, you MUST often say, "This book is not for everyone." And believe me, it's not.There is some violence, some vile descriptions, rawness, roughness, and lots of rednecks. However, I really enjoyed this book and it once again reminds me how when indie books are done well, they are a wonderful addition to writing culture at large. Tash is quite the original mind, let me tell you. This book reminded me of a Holly Black book I once read, because that book too wasn't afraid to get down and dirty with fairy tale land. I don't think if I sat down to write for several hundred days I would ever think to combine fairies, trolls, roller derbies, rednecks, Amish and rock & roll. Despite its rough and tumble nature, I was enchanted by the obviously lesbian protagonist (which would never happen in the traditional publishing industry) and her quiet and unassuming best friend Harlow. I'm so thankful that Tash took a chance and published this book herself, because the loss of it would be a crying shame! If you like to read fantasy and fairy tale turned on its head, this is THE BOOK FOR YOU! Strap yourself in and enjoy the rocky ride!