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Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue - Hugh Howey If Wool didn't do it, this book has now made me a slobbering Hugh Howey fangirl! Guys... THIS is what YA sci-fi should be like. Seriously! None of that other drivel I've read of late cuts the mustard. This sci-fi gives me that meaty fare that I loved back when I first discovered Brin, McCaffrey, Norton, and Heinlein. What I love though, is how capable Mollie is. (Everyone knows that's the real way you spell her name.) People don't usually throw around the word "capable" when they discuss why a heroine kicks ass, but man, it is a word that I have come to WISH for. When I look at the wimpy, girly, "OMG, I don't do anything but make the main man look good, and that's my only plot point," type heroines they have going on in the YA world, Mollie is like a breath of FREAKING FRESH AIR!!!Mollie is the best pilot in the Navy Academy. She's smart as a whip. She's full of feeling and inadequacies that piss her off, and delightfully human. Mollie is a REAL person, no special powers, no super strength. But she has so much fire and determination that you will just gobble up this book and want more. If there is any criticism I have... It's that there was SO much going on in this book that I almost couldn't believe it all happened in the space of one episode. Howey put a whole team together and worlds literally exploded. It was CRAZYPANTS, man!