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Time Trap (Red Moon, #1) - Micah Caida I'm going with a 3.5 on this one. I struggled, so much struggle, with how to rate this book, because in a lot of ways I REALLY enjoyed it. Its cleanly written prose is a joy. The first 5 or so chapters of this book had me riveted. The descriptions were fantastic.Where the book lost me was two places: scope and character.This book so complex that I was scratching my head in several places. I almost put it down when I was so confused I had to go back and re-read passages to try and make sure I'd read it right. In this book alone we have pretty much every subject matter you can think of: time travel, school for the gifted, amnesia, alternate universes, other planets, changing of fates, and much more.In my opinion, it takes on too much. Maybe I don't have the reading skills for it. Maybe it's just not my thing. I'm willing to explore both those thoughts, but man alive, I couldn't keep up. So many convoluted paths to try and walk at the same time. Just too much. I think part of my confusion was setting such a strong beginning foundation and then just taking an abrupt departure toward a completely different universe(literally) to where I was like, wait, what just happened? Are we going to stay here now? Are we going back there anytime, because I'm confused as to why you introduced those characters that we are literally not going to see again for the rest of this...300 page book?The other part that I felt suffered because of this is the characters. I applaud the authors' integration of multiple viewpoints and different narrative modes—they used first person and third person. It was well done, but to highlight so many different characters in such a short span made it tough to really connect with any of the characters. The strongest characters, to me, were Rayen and Tony. The rest just seemed shallow, even though I could see how the authors tried to give me some backstory for them. In the end, a book with so many different viewpoints should be longer. There is a reason why George R. R. Martin's books are like a thousand pages long. LOLAnyway, overall a good read. Glad I took a chance on it.