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Lucky Charm - Carly Phillips 2.5 starsMeh. Honestly, I don't have much to say about this book except that I was bored to tears when I read it. I kept hoping for more: more humor, more character growth, more plot... but no. Also, what in the heck was the deal with that extra storyline for Sharon??? I did not get that at ALL and mostly it just slowed down the story. If you want to have more than one storyline, take a page from Susan Elizabeth Philips and make it meaningful.I didn't spend money on this, which is basically the only good thing I can say about it. I think Philips is going to have to go in my list of "not gonna happen" romance writers, along with Nora Roberts.I would just, for tiny second more like to talk about the sex. That's right, I said sex, not sexy times. Because the sex in this book was not all all sexy. This is where you might want to turn away from the screen if your puke index is too low."Wanting to give him just a taste of the sensual torture he'd inflicted on her, she bent down and flicked her tongue over his cotton briefs. She aimed for the tip of his erection and TASTED HIS SALTY ESSENCE THROUGH THE COTTON BARRIER." Okay, I realize it's to each his own for sex stuff, but TMI CARLY, TMI. I don't know a single one of my friends that would ever mouth her paramour's jockeys, much less go for that salty essence. GAG.That was my other main problem with this book. Either the sex was like above, CRINGWORTHY or it was laughable, as when she actually called his penis a "turgid member". I laughed out loud at that one, because I seriously got visions of Ms. Perky from 10 Things I hate about you.So no. This was most definitely not for me in any way shape or form. If it is your thing, then enjoy away. I will be continuing my search for romances writers I'll actually read more than once.