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Fast Women - Jennifer Crusie 3.5 starsI've been a fan of Jennifer Crusie since Bet Me, but this book doesn't do her justice. It's a book without a genre. Not romance (no steam, and bummer for that). Not mystery(none of the traditional plot point trajectory for that, this book is all over the place). Not chick lit (none of the characters really seem to learn anything about themselves).I waded through this super long book hoping against hope that it would make a turn for the better... that I would read that hilarious and snappy dialog I've read in some of her other books, but I never got it. I laughed a few times, but honestly, this book reads sad and tired to me and when I read it I wondered if Crusie even likes writing anymore?Which made me sad. I love her books and I'll continue to read whatever of them I run across, but this book was not her best. Maybe if there'd been some editing and a TRUE genre label, I might be able to get on board. This book was just a mess. Overall, I loved the characters, and I loved the dynamic between the brothers and friends. But that was about it.