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How (Not) to Kiss a Toad - Elizabeth A. Reeves I was very confused by this book. Overall, as far as the main character and her secondary characters went, I liked the story. It was also a very funny book. The parts with the toads made me laugh out loud several times. I liked the world and the time and effort the author took in putting it together.Where it fell flat for me: the HERO. I don't get it... on several fronts. First of all, he doesn't really have any redeeming qualities. I mean, the guy is a straight up thief, and not the good kind like in The Thomas Crown Affair. You see, there is an unspoken rule about thieves and heroines and the rule is that YOU CAN'T STEAL FROM THE GIRL YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH. Period. End of story.And then the author pretty much never explains it. He's just "sorry" and "oh, here's some money for consulting" and "look I made you a cool little place to sell cupcakes which I'm going to conveniently take back when you turn me into a toad". He's not a likeable main character pretty much at all. And I think having him steal her food to make money off his ice cream was a TERRIBLE idea, just in terms of making me want them to be together. I was pretty much thinking, "Isn't there ANYONE else she could be with?" the whole time I was reading this book. I think, personally, that the author should have stuck with having him be the nephew of the annoying bakery shop owner. (And yes, that couple was pretty flipping annoying). The plot was also confusing. The author seemed to have made the seeds to a good story, but the fact that the MC and the guy fell in love after literally like 3 dates, and topping it off with what a schmuck he was, just totally left me flat.In the end, I would say this author has a lot of potential, but I will probably wait until about 6 or 7 more books before I read her again. Just so she's had some time to work out some of those plot and character issues.