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Molly Fyde and the Land of Light - Hugh Howey When I read Hugh Howey books, the phrase that always pops into my head is "great and terrible beauty". There is something about the way he writes his characters that is so excruciatingly beautiful and sad. It's wonderful and you become so attached and then he snatches all that goodness right away from you until before you know it, you're crying your eyes out and telling yourself, "I'm waiting a FREAKING YEAR before I read the next one because I just can't take the PAIN!" I mean, I'm a nervous wreck over here, people.But for all that, I love this series. I love Mollie. She is so vulnerable and yet so AMAZINGLY strong, and as a character she is probably one of my favorite in the world. I love her more than Katniss and probably as much as I love Arya or Dany.If George wrote YA sci-fi, I think it would be like this. And that is probably the biggest compliment I can give Howey.But forgive me if I wait awhile to read the next one...