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The Duchess War - Courtney Milan "History is so disappointing, isn't it? I mean, all these women being so repressed all the time. In fact, it would just be so cool if I wrote a book about a reformer who would want to change all that bad nasty history stuff."Oh lord. I like sassy female characters and I like reformers, but is there really anything wrong with writing a book that has characters who are actually normal? Like Austen did. Like Heyer did. I'm not complaining about this book overall. Overall, I really loved it. I thought the duke was so endearing and sweet. I can see that Milan has a thing for vulnerable men, which is an interesting twist for historical fiction. A nice twist. Refreshing, even.Her main characters are well fleshed out, her secondary characters are pretty darn good, too. She's got the plot and pacing all figured out (being a longtime author, you can tell she's got the practice).In short, I devoured this book and loved pretty much every bite. Now if Milan could switch it up with the male characters, I would like her all the more.