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Evermore - Alyson Noel I've just realized, I don't give out a lot of 5 star ratings. :)This book was really great, but I can't talk about how much I like it without spoilers, so it will have to be flagged, I guess.My favorite part of this book was NOT the romance (though I did enjoy it's obsessive and very teenish nature). Instead, I was fascinated by the themes of this book and the way the author played with them.First, it was refreshing to read a paranormal romance that did NOT include vampires. Sorry, shoot me if you want, but I'm getting worn out on vampires and I think I need a break. This was the perfect break!The first theme I noticed and the one that seems largely featured in this book is death and what comes afterward. Reading about Ever's family and her coping mechanism was heart-wrenching. The way she covered her head and blocked out the world didn't seem to me to be only motivated by her psychic skills, but also as a way to hide away from the world she knows she doesn't belong in. It's almost as though she is ashamed of her own existence.Then there is the whole "eternal life" and "reincarnation" aspect, which didn't get touched on as much as the previous, but I imagine the sequel will highlight it much more.For me, the triumph of this story was the conversation she has with her sister, when Riley makes her face the fact that bad things happen and they aren't anybody's fault. To me, it almost robbed the power of the book and the theme when Ever discovers that the accident was Drina's fault. I thought the ability to forgive herself, even in ignorance of the actual events, was swept aside by the fact that someone else WAS responsible. I wish the author had left that part out.All in all, a great book that makes me eager to try more of Noel's others.