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Fever Crumb - Philip Reeve This book gets a 4 star for the world alone! Fantastic, imaginative. I love a world where there is no electricity and yet empty cell phone cases floating around. And where "Cheesers Chrice!" is a reference to a long gone god. hahahaThis book really should have gotten a three, however. Why you ask? Well, for one thing the characters are shallow and not really likeable. Even Fever herself, who should be a shining beacon in her time, moves between cold and hopeful, and not in a good way. The story moves so quickly we don't get a proper look at the other characters: Wavey Godshawk, Charley, Bagman Creech, Prof. Crumb. Very disappointing. It's really hard to keep a story going when the characters are so limited and that is the case with this book.I rarely say this, but Fever Crumb needed a LOT of fleshing out. This is a fantastic and intricate world, and yet there is no time to take it in, because the story is sped through so quickly. There are at least 2 plot reveals that happen mid-book that should not happen until the end. And that is where I think the author does himself a disservice. This single book should really be a trilogy of 3 or so, where the world, the characters and the plot are appropriately described. As for the fact that there is a sequel... I might read it, but I'm pretty ambivalent at this point.