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Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1)

Blood Red Road (Dust Lands Series #1) - This book made me want to shave my hair, drop my G's and kick some ASS! Seriously, Saba is probably one of the coolest white trash characters around, not to mention the fact that she's a girl who kicks some SERIOUS BUTT!I loved this book about Saba, girl who lives with her father, twin brother, and little sister after the end of the world. For mysterious reasons, 4 men show up one day at their remote shack and truss her brother up like pig, taking him off with them and killing her father in the process.Saba swears to follow her brother and save him, whilst enacting revenge at the same time. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and teenage girls with revenge fantasies often go awry. But that's what makes for a good story.I could not put this book down, despite the annoyances of first person present tense and NO QUOTATIONS throughout it. Saba is such a HUMAN character with human flaws: pride, rage, prejudice and stubbornness. Her relationships with the various characters are realistic and enjoyable. The side characters are (mostly) well-fleshed out and as interesting as the main characters.I had a few issues I do want to highlight, though. One, I found the reason her brother was taken to be pretty outlandish. The idea of someone being able to pull off what was done to him, why, and how, was so improbably, just in terms of logistics, that I know some people will be turned off to the book because of it. I also thought the end of the book was a little too neatly wrapped up, in terms of the climax and how the characters dealt with it. But Young is obviously a talented story teller and I'm eager to see what comes next for her!