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Red - Kait Nolan First, as a disclaimer, I got this book as a giveaway the author was doing. I didn't pay for this book.I admit to having second thoughts when I learned this book was about werewolves. I'm kind of done with werewolves, thanks to Shiver. *shudder* But, I'd agreed to review this book in return for my free copy, so I plunged ahead. Well, thank GOODNESS I did. Years ago, I read this book called Blood & Chocolate. It was transporting, probably one of the best YA werewolf books I've ever read, despite some of its controversial subject matter. This book, Red, reminded me strongly of it -not that it was in ANY way similar in story line, but because it painted werewolves in an entirely different light and it managed to do so without making me feel sick to my stomach.Firstly, the characters. Elodie -pronounced like Melody without the M- is a girl we can relate to. Her voice is clear and her difficulties are clearly explained. Sure, there is a little of that tired high school drama(with the popular girls), but THANKFULLY it is brief enough that I was only mildly annoyed.Sawyer is a GREAT character. I'm so sick of wimpy men. I want a manly teenage love interest, and Nolan gives us that with Sawyer. Sure he is all soft and gooshy for Elodie, but he is also a strong protector and teacher. He's also in touch with his nasty wolf side, too, which is fun to read about.There has criticism about the whole "mate" aspect, and that the romance part of this story is like, SUPER speedy, but though I HATE fast love in most cases, this is a different species. And I imagine wolf love is pretty quick in the animal kingdom.I think the best part of this book is Nolan's gift of timing. The events unfold at the perfect speed, so you are left wanting more, but never bored or irritated. Every event was executed with a master hand and came at the proper time.This book was practically perfect in every way, the only thing is... I have to know about those wolves. Were they real wolves or werewolves? That question is never answered to my satisfaction.All in all, I was very happy with my first sample of Nolan's writing and I hope she writes more YA fiction soon.