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Hush Money (Talent Chronicles, #1)

Hush Money (Talent Chronicles, #1) - Susan Bischoff 3.5 stars This is my first review via iPhone, so you'll have to excuse my typos and shortness. I was definitely excited to pick up this book, since my beloved Kait Nolan raves about Bischoff all the time. And overall, this novel did not disappoint. In fact, this book (I hesitate to call it that because it seemed so short to me-more on that later) had some of the best character work I've seen in an indie. Not only did the main characters have excellent backstory and personality descriptions, but bischoff really fleshed out her minor characters too. So many authors neglect to do that. I think bischoff also did a great job building the tension, it certainly had me reading!Where it didn't really work for me was writing style. I would be reading a chapter and then all of a sudden there would be a chapter break and then time would have just sped forward, leaving the situation behind. It was so jarring for me that a few times I thought I'd skipped a page or something. Example: the characters are at a party and two of them have a showdown. They're in the middle of a heated conversation and then it just breaks to the next chapter, where it has ended and the characters moved off somewhere else. There were at least 3 other scenes that I noticed this, but I don't want to give anything away.I also thought the world building-the story of niac and why their town was so special- could have used some better backstory. Finally, the reason I couldn't give the book 5 stars, is because I couldn't really tell what the story was supposed to be about. I have no problems with cliffhanger endings, but this one cut off so suddenly that I was left confused rather than anticipatory. Still, I fell hard for these characters, and bischoff's obvious talent will get me to read the next book, for sure!