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Partials - I listened to this book on audio, which probably didn't do it any favors. The voice actor was great, but the weakness in the writing was much more evident than I think I would have noticed if I were reading it.This is such a shame, because I honestly enjoyed the story, even though I think there were a few scenes that could have been cut with little to no effect on the overall story. Kira is a strong character, with strong opinions, though sometimes her logic made no sense to me, such as when she was arguing with the Senate. This book avoided a lot of the annoying stereotypes of most YA books, which always pleases me.I will read the next one, because I am interested in what happens with the story and the characters, but dang, I'm going to have to do some skimming, I think.Here is the problem, as I see it. The use of adverbs in this book is excessive in the EXTREME. Adverbs are great little things, they can be an easy way to convey emotion in a short amount of writing space. But therein lies the problem, they are EASY. And when you let them overtake your work, it not only speaks about your laziness as a writer, it tells your readers how to perceive the events in the story, instead of showing them what is occurring.I don't have the book in front of me, so I can't quote the multiple times there were 4 or 5 ly adverbs in a paragraph, but here are a FEW of the ly's I found in the sample I downloaded from Amazon, which is about 15 of my kindle pages:helplessly, despondently, gruffly, mutely, blockily, numbly, quickly, clearly, weakly, softly, studiously, tightly, excitedly(in two adjacent paragraphs!), barely, awkwardly, uncomfortably, powerfully, definitely, kindly, proudly, tearfully, calmly, handily, simply, coldly, slowly, quietly, casually, silently, broadly, etc.And this isn't taking into account the MULTIPLE repeats of words like softly, coldly, weakly, etc. Or words like actually, really, or surely.There was also a problem with -ing, but that would take up a whole other review.Once again, I find myself wondering where all the editors have gone. Where oh where. I would like the author to read this, because with some very simple changes, his book could have been much more strong. But he will never read this and his editors obviously don't care if his writing improves, so this will continue in the next few books. What a shame that will be.