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Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion There will be those who make fun of this book. "Zombies can't fall in love," they'll say, with a derisive tone and a sneering face.To them I will say... "People, zombies are fake. F.A.K.E. So now you're going to tell me what can happen to a fake creature and who it can happen with???"Warm Bodies is not really a love story. It's a deep exploration of the ideas of life vs. quality of life DISGUISED as a love story. Seriously, when reading this book I kept thinking about when my grandma was in the hospital and pretty much gave up on life because she was looking at having to live a certain way after her release. And she just didn't wanna.I don't bring this up to depress you, potential reader. I bring this to point out what Marion spends most of the book talking about, which is: "There is a difference between being alive and LIVING." And the surprising arbiter of this discussion in Warm Bodies is Rrrr... a zombie with all the deep thought of a modern day philosopher, but the ability of a three year old to try and articulate it verbally.Over and over again, I found this book did for me what Julie did for R. It woke up those dead places of my mind that I tend to forget in my daily grind of babies and no sleep and writing and working. I think we mostly live day-to-day just trying to get through till the end, surviving. Marion's point seems to be (and this is my own interpretation, of course) WAKE UP, PEOPLE! Give some thought to how you live and why. Rejoice in your freedom to move to another place, write poems, sing songs, eat chocolate, kiss a laughing baby, buy new shoes, read a good book, and have sex.I urge you to read this book, not for the weird ass love story of a zombie and a human, but for the interesting take on life that Marion presents.