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The Silver Bowl - Diane Stanley In case you didn't know, I read a LOT of juvenile fiction. Love it! This book was no exception. Stanley wrote a fascinating story that I had no trouble getting through.Molly is the daughter of a drunken tailor, sent to work at the royal castle when she is just seven years old. Slowly, she works her way up to silver polisher and that is where the real fun begins. Because Molly, you see, has a gift... she can see things in the bowl, visions. And there is a voice that also speaks to her.I really liked this story overall for a few reasons. First of all, the style reminded me a LOT of Diana Wynne Jones, which I loved. Second, I was so glad to read a fairy tale type story with a main heroine who is NOT a princess or a Cinderella type character. In other words, there is no marriage to a prince at the the end of this.And for once, I want to commend a publisher for taking a chance on a story with an atypical storyline, because after reading this book, I have to think that there are many who wouldn't take a chance like that. So Kudos, Harper.If you have a daughter and you want her to read JF with a strong female character, who is smart and resourceful, I recommend this book! It was great.