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Leopard Moon - Jeanette Battista 3.5 stars (And gosh darn it, I wish they'd let you indicate that.)There are books that are when you read them are like eating a dark chocolate caramel bar sprinkled with sea salt. (I buy them at Trader Joe's and they're amazing!!!) There are books that when you read them it is like biting into a hershey's chocolate bar. This book is one of the latter.Being regular old chocolate is nothing to sneeze at. For one thing, you can eat about five million chocolate bars in a row, whereas you can have about one square of the super rich chocolate caramel bar before your senses are totally overwhelmed and you have to take a break.This is a great book. The main character is sweet and brave and smart. The hero is NOT an asshat, which is saying a lot for a YA paranormal book. (In fact, I've noticed this trend more in indies than traditional, so if you know of any traditionally published books that are more like this one, please point them out!) He's not a stalker, control freak. He's kind and strong and more like the boy you SHOULD date, rather than the one you shouldn't. That doesn't do it for everyone, I get that. But this is a good book well worth reading if you like YA Paranormal. Not my favorite genre, so you should be impressed by the fact that I read it without regret! :) Definitely will read this author again.