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Snow Crash - This book rocked my socks off. I'm a big fan of Neal Stephenson in general(Cryptonomicon is so freaking amazing, guys), but for some reason I'd never read this book before.There are two main characters in this book: YT and Hiro. YT is like the sassiest teenager ON THE PLANET, but it works for her, because she's like, 15. Hiro is like this crazy, laid back programmer.This book kind of reminded me of this guy I used to work for. No names, but when silicon valley was just this idea between a lot of geeks and hackers on Usenet. Hiro is very much a park of the metaverse, which is like one step up from the internet. He was a founding member of it, like Linus Torvalds or Dennis Ritchie. He is a legend in his own time, and still somehow refuses to be a part of it.This book was fascinating, irreverent, and totally ALL Neal Stephenson. My only critique would be that the ending was a little abrupt for my taste. Hiro's storyline just kind of ENDED. And I keep wondering what happened to Raven, because yeah, the guy was messed up... but I kinda liked him.