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Fire Baptized - Kenya Wright This is a 4.5 star.I read this book on a recommend from Kat Kennedy who reviewed it a while ago.So, man did I like this book! Great from start to finish. The world was creative, interesting and raw. It was fun to read an adult book, after all the YA fare I've been consuming lately.The habitat is basically a prison where all the supernaturals: fairies, demons, were-animals, witches, etc. are kept. Lanore is a girl with a plan: to get her college degree and get the heck out of the projects. The problem is, she a mixed breed —half fairy and half demon. This is a big no-no in her world, leading to a lot of cruelty and prejudice by the purebloods. Mutts are no good in their world.Lanore is a satisfying and complex character. I cared about her and had a vested interest in seeing where the story went. This book had pretty much all I want: description, well-fleshed world, and interesting plot. The pacing was great!My only beef and the reason this one doesn't break through into a five star for me: the MEN. I get it, this is PNR. I understand why the men in these books are macho, domineering and possessive. It's what the women who love PNR love to read.Still, I can't help wishing Wright had bucked the trend and made her characters against the grain. At least ONE of the men, at least. I definitely liked Zulu best -can't stand cheaters in books- but even he was over the top with that "claim" thing. And the fact that he just seems to get a pass from Lanore rubbed me the wrong way. But it wasn't enough to stop me from reading and certainly won't keep me from eagerly awaiting the next book!