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Marked: Soul Guardians Book 1

Marked - Kim Richardson Great book, read my blog for a long review. Overall, loved the originality of the world it took place in and the light-hearted aspects of the various side characters: the simian elevator attendants, the forgetful oracles, and David, the Guardian Angel that has an addiction to winking at pretty girls.Kara Nightingale, is a painter in highschool who gets hit by a bus on her way to a major presentation. She finds herself in an elevator with a talking chimp and after disembarking discovers that her soul was slotted before she was born as that of a Guardian Angel. She is a rookie, assigned to David, who is responsible for teaching her everything she needs to know about saving souls from the demons who seek to devour them.Something is wrong, though. Demons seem to know where she is before gets there. What's going on? She and David have to find out, before she loses her own soul to the demons.I rated this book 4 stars because even though I really liked it, I found the lack of backstory distracting at times. It's probably not necessary for the storyline, but sometimes the smallest details keep a story from being a 5 star for me.