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Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1)

Switched - Amanda Hocking This first book didn't really do it for me, but then again, I think I've mentioned my difficulty with first books in a series.So anyway, I liked the originality of the characters, but man, I had a hard time liking the protagonist. She just wasn't LIKEABLE to me. My mom pointed out that it might have been because she didn't feel like she fit in, and I guess I can understand that, but that doesn't mean I have to like it!Anyway, Wendy is a changeling, switched at birth. Her mother (or I guess adopted mother) tried to kill her as a small child and now she's being raised by her aunt and brother. When she starts showing some unusual powers, she gets tracked down by hottie Finn, who's come to take her back to where she came from.Okay, and can I just add, how ANNOYING it was to have Wendy fall for Finn after like a SECOND. Seriously, I swear it was a week and she was like, "I'm so in love." I get it, it's a teenage book, but come ON, let them go on a few dates first. Sheesh.So that is my rant and rating on Switched.