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Cross My Heart - Katie Klein This book was a refreshing break from some of the more serious fare I've read this summer. Klein's writing style is smooth and organic, flowing in an out of chapters with good pacing and likeable characters.I think I related to the MC more than some (total control freak here) might, but I don't think anyone will have a problem liking Jaden. She's a well-written character, as is the love interest in this book.I really enjoyed the love story and the dialogue between the main characters. Their characters were really well done, even if most of the other main characters were pretty shallow. That being said, I liked how the author really dug deep to paint Jaden's background. She is a typical teenager with a not so typical family which is a nice switch-up. Somethings that stood out that I might have changed: Blake is a total throwaway character. I wasn't even going to pretend I rooted for him. Parker, on the other hand, is not the typical bad boy, though he seems to come with a bad boy image. I also find this is another case where first person present tense is a bad fit. Really, I wish someone would explain to YA writers that it isn't necessary for your book to be in FPPT for it to be interesting and exciting. AND I would argue that it's actually a drawback in some cases. This book would have been better as a third person. Romances usually are, IMHO. Save First Person Present tense for the action books.The only other thing I might have changed is the ending. There is a difference between a surprise ending and an ending that is out of left field and when I read it I was thinking "Those clues were kinda... not really there." Although, I will give Klein credit for some deliberate misdirections that were obviously intentional.Overall, a great read and I would pick up any other book by this author.