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The Unwritten Rule - Elizabeth Scott I read this book in less than an hour and a half. That should be all you need to know, going forward. Because the truth is, this is not a book. These is a novella in book's clothing.I didn't have any problems with Scott's writing style or characterization. I thought the story was interesting, even steamy in parts. However, the endless repetition of the MC's thoughts and the seeming never-ending excuses for why Brianna and Ryan had to STILL BE DATING-when it was obvious to most people that at most they would have lasted a week, if that... took away from the obvious enjoyment.Look, I get the appeal of the naughty storyline. If you want a more adult version of this, I recommend Abbi Glines book: "The Vincent Boys". HAWT.In this case, though, I couldn't see any reason for it to carry on so long. In short, I think the author could have cut about half of the story line, added a few sex scenes, and published this as an indie author. That would have been soooo much more to my taste.Still, I liked the book overall and will definitely try out this author again.