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The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2)

The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2) - Abbi Glines This book was better for me in so many ways. First of all, there was much, much less of the "I like him but I can't be with him angst" that did little for me in the first book. Secondly, it kept all the sexy times I liked in the first book, but kicked it up a notch. This was an eyebrow raising YA, but there is a market for it, with all the adults reading YA right now. Honestly, I'm surprised that indies are the ones doing this. Maybe because Traditional publishers are afraid to for fear it will piss off parents? Not sure. I only know that it's become THE THING to do in YA for indies. The beginning was strong and I love the characters, but once again I found myself a little irritated by the slapdash way the ending was handled. The epilogue was flat-out thrown in there and stood out like a sore thumb to me. I also thought sticking in the stuff with Beau to round out the storyline was poorly done. If you were going to do that, you should have done it in the last book.That being said, I did enjoy it a lot. The book was super hot and fun to read in general, and even though I didn't always agree with some of the choices in characterization (jealous and demanding boyfriends, anyone?), I still got through it just fine.BTW- The dialog was still awful...