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Spark (Brigid Kemmerer's Elemental Series #2)

Spark - Brigid Kemmerer I have no time for reviews these days. Seriously, my reviews are getting shorter and shorter!I liked this book a lot better than the last one. Which is weird, right, because this one still has 4 stars. Things I liked:It's a quick read.Both of the main characters had much more mature back stories and interesting dynamics with their families and each other.It was really a sweet romance and I liked how Gabriel really seemed to find himself in this book.Things I didn't like:Oh boy. Can we have enough of the "popular kids bully the nice kids"? Please? Kinda done with that plot line in general, but this is the second book in a row that she's done it.I'm usually okay with giving characters the benefit of the doubt when it comes to attitudes and ideas (sexism, racism, etc.) because I expect there to be some character growth. I didn't really see Gabriel undergo character growth in regards to his sexist/slut shaming issues. True, I got to sympathize with him a lot more, but there were so many stereotypical "slut" characters in this book that it made my head swim. Honestly, why do girls have to steal each other's power so much in this book.Oh, and I found Becca to be soooo much more annoying as a character in this book.I continue to be intrigued by these characters and I won't deny that Kemmerer has a lot of talent as a storyteller, but I wish some of her characters would LEARN to change some of their outdated ideas.Looking forward to that third book, for sure!