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The Book of Tomorrow - Cecelia Ahern I read PS I Love You and was enchanted. Unfortunately, this book was not as well fleshed out as the other.Tamara is a spoiled brat whose father's suicide leaves her penniless. Her mother is depressed and catatonic and refuses to leave the room of her uncle's house, where they are now staying. Tamara is then left to wander about the countryside in the dinky, out of the way, crumbling estate for which her uncle is groundskeeper.If this book had been about... 100-200 pages longer, if the storyline involving the journal had been significantly more fleshed out, if Tamara herself had been an actual, LIKEABLE heroine, this book would have gotten at least a 4 from me.Instead, we aren't introduced to the magic journal until about halfway through the book. It's barely a plot point. Tamara herself is a nasty little teen who finds herself unable to do much but push people away with her words and actions. Each of the characters surrounding her are shallow, at best, with only the bare minimum of a background story to place them in their parts. This point is illustrated by the fact that TWICE the narrator leaves the story to put in almost chapter long asides to bring the explanations back up to the speed of the story. This should not be necessary. When I think about the way the 13th Tale gently mingles in the characters and their backgrounds, steadily through the story, making it a mystery to solve, I just cringe.And can I just say, the way the character Marcus is treated in this story by the author is just shameful! A perfectly lovely character who would have made a wonderful love interest (or even friend), but it's like Ahern couldn't decide what to do with him, so she just casts him aside after using him up for another REALLY BAD plot point.I did like the fairy tale idea. I liked the setting and the story itself would have been really great if done properly. That's why this book still gets a 3 from me. Oh, and I LOVE Sister Ignatious. I want to steal her for a book of my own. :)