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The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss Okay, this is my first DNF that I'm actually giving a rating, because dang it, I got to almost the very end before I finally gave up.My brother loved this book. My brother usually has the same taste in dark fantasy as I do, but I just could NOT like The Name of the Wind.It had a lot of great elements: red headed main character who is smart as a whip, the traditional hero's journey, an interesting love story, and a fascinating world.Those elements just didn't add up. The writing was great. The MC was an asshat. Seriously, this guy is a total freaking idiot and that's okay. I mean, I love characters that learn over time, that change and grow. Kvothe did not change or grow. Basically, he just stayed a poor, vicious street orphan from the time his parent's kick it and throughout his entire college experience.GOD, the stuff going on between he and Ambrose is just DUMB. I mean, sure, the first few times were funny. But it's like he didn't learn that lesson AT ALL. He just kept kicking that dead horse again and again and again. To my utter annoyance. The other thing that doesn't thrill me, and this is just personal taste... I hate stories told backwards. I hate when the main character goes back to tell a story that happened in the past, because there isn't a lot of tension there. If the MC is telling the story, then you know they live. And you know that there's nothing at stake, really. I like life and death. I like worrying about my characters and feeling like I have an emotional attachment to the moment. It was really hard to get drawn into the story because of the way it is told.That being said, the best part of this book is when he goes to audition at that musicians hangout. (Can't spell it to save my life, so I won't bother.) I was literally holding my breath that he'd make good. And he did. But then he ruined it completely by being an asshat and I pretty much lost interest after that. I kept going out of pure stubbornness, but my heart wasn't in it.Ah well... I'll just leave these books to my brother. I'll stick with George.