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XVI - Julia Karr I was so back and forth about what to rate this book. In YA so often we as readers demand a heroine who is kick ass and special and ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD!!! And when we get those heroines, we're like, "Oh, I've read it all before."Karr's Character, Nina, is anything but what most readers demand. Because of that, I can see a lot of people labeling this book as boring, or lackluster. After all, Nina is the girl next door. She has normal girl dreams and normal girl skills. She doesn't do ninja kicks. She doesn't raise the dead or fly. She isn't the leader of a rebel group that plans to take down the powers that be.XVI is a book about a real girl living in an unreal world. The pace of the book is not the action packed pace of most dystopian books, and again, I think that will cause the book to get some harsh reviews. But the plot is solid, overall. My biggest problem with the book—and why I couldn't give it 5 or even 4 stars, is that the book didn't push any limits for me. I've read dystopian books before. I want something where the character really has to struggle. Even if he/she isn't a superhero or a leader, I want them to really get swallowed up in the despair of such a setting. Because that is the tragedy of dystopia... it's the opposite of what we hope for our world. I always felt distant from the MC. Even when the only and obvious tragedy happened, I found myself strangely unmoved. And despite that one thing, there didn't seem to a be a lot more danger that happened. I often felt like she experienced things second hand instead of discovering them for herself: FeLS, and NonCons and such. In the end, I don't necessarily feel that this is the author's fault. It could be that I've read so many boundary pushing books lately that they've made me unsatisfied with normal fair. That's what this book felt like to me... normal dystopian fair.