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Leviathan (Leviathan Trilogy)

Leviathan - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson This book was a JOY to read. I wasn't keen on the Uglies series, just didn't resonate with me. This series, however, seems to be right up my alley. This is hands down one of the best YA fiction books I've read this year.I love the attention to detail. Westerfeld did a lot of research on steampunk, Victorian sensibilities and culture, and the history of World War I and it shows. The switching between viewpoints is effortless and well executed, the characters are likeable.I think my only criticism is that even though I like the pictures, they make the book seem as though it is for a younger audience. Maybe this is to give it wider appeal, I don't know, but it seemed juvenile to me -even though the pictures are gorgeous.These books aren't for everyone. I can't see any girls that read "The Girl in the Steel Corset" reading these and loving them. They have a militaristic viewpoint that I think most who read YA fiction couldn't get around. For someone like me, who can appreciate FANTASTIC writing, they are a perfect summer read.Can't wait to plow my way through the next one!