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Gifts of the Blood - Vicki Keire The first thing I thought of when this book ended... "THIS BOOK IS TOO SHORT!!" And that is in a good way, people. I wanted this book to go on forever, and totally resented the fact that Keire cut me off when I can't read her next book right away! hahahaThis is by far one of the best indie YA books I've read. The characters are easy to relate to and likeable. I love their names. The main character starts out weak and confused, which could be annoying, except that in her case it's understandable, given what happens in her life. I love the fact that she's not in HIGH SCHOOL, so she can do a few more of the grown up things, without totally losing her credibility as a realistic character. The storyline with her brother made my new mama hormones crop up and I cried buckets every time Caspia talked about him dying. I remain hopeful for him in the next book.The descriptive language alone had my brain singing, you can tell that Keire has studied English extensively, it shows in every word of this book. I actually didn't know her background or education until I read the bio in the back of the book and then I was like, "Oh, that makes sense!"My only wishes for this book: the part where Caspia meets Ethan for the first time was pretty over the top for me. I'm sure that her reaction to seeing him made sense to the author, but not to me. I wish there was more of a build-up to that moment. Maybe if I felt like it was more clear why it was such a big deal that she'd never drawn a person before... I don't know. The whole benefit of first person is seeing into the person's mind and understanding their motivation, but I just didn't.The only other wish I had was that some of the outer characters were given a little more room in the book. That is hard to do with first person, but I just loved Amberlyn and Logan so much. I wanted more of them. Keire's characters are so vivid that it's hard not to love them.Overall, this is a fantastic read and I am not only excited to read the next book, I'm thrilled the third book will shortly be out!