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Storm (Brigid Kemmerer's Elemental Series #1)

Storm - Brigid Kemmerer Lots of thoughts here...First thought, these boys make me feel like a creepy oldster because... HAWT. :)Second thought, I freaking hate love triangles and they should be illegal in YA. And they are soooo overdone. OMG.Third thought, this book was utterly predictable. Had it figured out from pretty much the beginning.But what can I say? I loved it. Not a five star, read it over and over, buy everything the author has kind of love. But I did love it with the "I can't put this down, even though I have children, dinner and laundry to finish," kind of love.It is definitely a suck you in kind of book and it was the type of PNR that doesn't annoy me. THANK GOD her boys didn't stay vampires, because when I read that at the beginning of the book I WAS SO THANKFUL THAT SOMEONE SUGGESTED SHE CHANGE THAT! Because these boys are kick butt and super fun to read about.I love it when men are men.There were a few moments when I thought she should have toned Gabriel down. Or even the part at the end where he's apologizing to Becca for being a dumbass... I really REALLY wanted her to turn to him and say, "Then next time, try not to judge a girl before you've learned her story. Mmmmkay?" In other words, I wish the author had turned it into a teachable moment. But that's a personal thing, probably.This review is all over the place. hahaha Can't wait to read the rest of this series!PS- I freaking hate the title of this readalong. Cashing in my V-card?? Maybe I'm old, but that's just NO, not how to refer to this. It makes sex so... banal. JMO.