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Wake (Watersong, #1)

Wake (Watersong, #1) - Amanda Hocking I think I'll give this one a 3.5 rating. Yeah, that sounds right.So this is my first experience reading a book by Amanda Hocking that is "legitimate", whatever that means. My overall feeling... meh.Which is weird for me, but I don't know if it's overreaching—because this is the second book of hers I've read lately that just didn't do it for me.My love of Amanda Hocking began with her Trylle Trilogy. It was a rough start, but by the end of the series I was a fan in a major way. There is something about her work that just... does it for me. There's a spark in the stories she tells. Maybe not perfect, maybe not world shattering deep epics of greatness, but they're good. And interesting. And unique.Wake had all the promise of that. Great characters (which is my opinion is Hocking's strong suit), interesting world, and promising plot line. But somewhere in between the start and the finish... it got all blurred, like someone whitewashed the color out. Such a disappointment for me, because damn I wanted to like this book more.I really, really, really LOVED the characters, but characters aren't enough to carry a story. The plot just needed more... of SOMETHING. I'm not even sure what, which makes me sound petty for not rating it more highly. I guess I'll have to wait and read Lullaby to know for sure. Amanda, come back to me. Where is the writer who made me read the Trylle trilogy and then go back and immediately reread it?