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Losing It - Cora Carmack I dunno. I think I would say about 2.5 on this one. Disappoint on a large scale. I guess that's what happens when you go in with high expectations. *sigh*This had the potential to be a good book, but it was pretty much all sexytimes and no substance. And not even the GOOD sexytimes. Talk about a character that doesn't make sense. Bliss(yeah, that is ACTUALLY her name) is a shy virgin, or maybe she's a clumsy funny girl who is confused about her future, or maybe she's a sneaky liar seductress who tells her boyfriend she wants to go slow then spends her entire time sulking because he won't go fast or teasing him to try and make him go fast (honestly, this man is a saint) or she's a shy virgin again who buys a cat because she's afraid to say she's a virgin and judges every girl around her for having sex or being sexy or being a slut.GAH. I just found her to be annoying as all hell. And the story HAD. NO. SUBSTANCE. I mean, really, I kept thinking, "So when is the plot going to come in?" It doesn't. This is basically like 16 weeks of a girls life. No real conflict (except all the secret dating and making out and "we shouldn't be together" angst and that's not much), just stuff that is quickly done away with when the book says it needs to be gone so we can move onto something else.This is a former indie that I can NOT understand the success of. And I can't celebrate it, either. Because I feel like it gives good indies a bad rep.But of course, that is just my opinion and I know a lot of other people like it. So, your mileage may vary according to your personal tastes.