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The Host - Stephenie Meyer I love this book with an unabashed love that makes me unashamed to admit it here. I've read this book, oh... 5 times, now? The newest iteration being an audiobook that finally caused me to express my love here.First off, the book is such a good STORY. Sure, it may have its weaknesses (plot holes, annoying dialogue, etc.) but if I can read it through 5 times and still love the story, that is a good book. Also, Meyer undoubtedly improved her craft in this story, to the point where I almost wonder if it is the same person who wrote the Twilight series. The other thing I have to comment on is the fact that this book contains REALLY the only reason I can see for ever having a love triangle in a book. "What, your body loves that man? Well, the alien inside my brain loves this one." LOLKate Reading is AMAZING as a narrator for The Host. She does every voice so distinctly that I can almost see them as well as I can when I read the story. If you like this book or are even willing to give it a go, the audiobook is sooooo worth it!Happy Reading!PS- I also think this book gets a bad rap because it was written by the Twilight lady. I bet a thousand bucks if someone popular, like Beth Revis had her name on it, a bunch more people would have given it a higher rating. JMO.