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Losing It (Losing It, #1)

Losing It - Cora Carmack I dunno. I think I would say about 2.5 on this one. Disappoint on a large scale. I guess that's what happens when you go in with high expectations. *sigh*This had the potential to be a good book, but it was pretty much all sexytimes and no substance. And not even the GOOD sexytimes. Talk about a character that doesn't make sense. Bliss(yeah, that is ACTUALLY her name) is a shy virgin, or maybe she's a clumsy funny girl who is confused about her future, or maybe she's a sneaky liar seductress who tells her boyfriend she wants to go slow then spends her entire time sulking because he won't go fast or teasing him to try and make him go fast (honestly, this man is a saint) or she's a shy virgin again who buys a cat because she's afraid to say she's a virgin and judges every girl around her for having sex or being sexy or being a slut.GAH. I just found her to be annoying as all hell. And the story HAD. NO. SUBSTANCE. I mean, really, I kept thinking, "So when is the plot going to come in?" It doesn't. This is basically like 16 weeks of a girls life. No real conflict (except all the secret dating and making out and "we shouldn't be together" angst and that's not much), just stuff that is quickly done away with when the book says it needs to be gone so we can move onto something else.This is a former indie that I can NOT understand the success of. And I can't celebrate it, either. Because I feel like it gives good indies a bad rep.But of course, that is just my opinion and I know a lot of other people like it. So, your mileage may vary according to your personal tastes.
Concisus (Verita, #2) - Tracy Rozzlynn Another enjoyable addition to this series. I think Rozzlynn has a gift that lets her get away with the most outlandish plot points imaginable (even for sci-fi) and yet still keeps me reading the entire way through. I do wish she had the benefit of a person who could help her hone her work more, but hopefully that will come with time anyway.Definitely one of the better indies.

Wanderlust (Sirantha Jax Series #2)

Wanderlust - Ann Aguirre I got about 85% in and lost all interest. The book was making me physically tired. Maybe I'll pick it up again later.

Grimspace (Sirantha Jax Series #1)

Grimspace - Ann Aguirre

I read another book by this author and it wasn't for me. So why did I pick up yet another one? Well, after the whole SWFA debacle, Aguirre posted a blog entry that outlined her abuse as a sci-fi author at the hands of other MALE writers. My interest was piqued. Mostly because I LOVE sci-fi and I wanted to try another female sci-fi author.

Disclaimer: I have no idea if the men that she mentions in her blog actually read her book or not. It seems from her story that she was prejudged and I just want to say that is a horrible thing. You should never be judged simply by your gender in any field. Kudos to her for sticking with a job that seems like it was pretty tough at times.

That being said, if those men HAD read Grimspace, I think they would have been justified in saying it wasn't great sci-fi. Because I don't think it is. A step up from Beth Revis, but far below the likes of say Anne McCaffrey, Octavia Butler, or Sheri S. Tepper.

The thing that I've noticed about Aguirre now, is that you can sit down and read her books. They are interesting, I'll give her that. There are a few times when I said to myself, "Just one more chapter" and three hours later I was still reading. :) That is definitely a good thing.

And unlike Enclave, I actually liked her MC. Jax was a relatable and sympathetic character. She even had bonafide character growth in this book. Excellent.

But man alive, just like Enclave, this book was full of continuity errors and plot holes.

First of all, the timeline was so random. A month here, three weeks, six weeks, and there were several times I had to page backward and reread something to make sure I hadn't missed a detail.

Second of all, there were parts where things happened that just didn't make any sense! The ending, for instance. Talk about crazypants!!! It was like she just threw it together at the last minute and said, "Yeah, that'll work." It read extremely amateur to me. Which I'll come back to, never fear.

The continuity errors, well, for instance, at one point she notices that her shipmate hires two guards (like out of nowhere), and all I could think was ???? because two chapters earlier, she is honest to god complaining that they have no money and no conceivable way of getting more. So where did the hired mercenaries come from? It is never explained. This kind of thing happened over and over again.

In all this, my main question was... "This got past an editor this way??" I mean, SRSLY? No editor worth their salt should have let this go buy without a red pen on MANY sections of it. I can't forget to mention the incomplete sentences, either. I can understand that being part of the narrative voice. I have no problems with an author breaking some rules. The problem I have here is that it didn't really seem to be consistent. The incomplete sentences were just sort of thrown in here and there without making a really impact on the voice. And not to sound bitter, but if an indie did that, they would be REAMED by reviewers.

Will I read the next one? Yeah, I think so. I really liked the characters. The love story was great. The writing was exciting. And the sci-fi was tolerable enough that I could overlook some serious flaws to pick up the next one.

Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin Trilogy Series #1)

Grave Mercy - Robin LaFevers I like historical fiction and I liked this fantasy take on the business. Some people thought that the "MC as bezoar stone" was ridiculous and insulting to women. I looked at more like, "Hey, have you ever read god and goddess stories? Freaking weird. People sleeping with their brothers and mothers and sisters. Children springing from people's heads!" I felt like it was more of a god story, something a god would require for health. But to each his own. Enjoyable and detail packed. I also liked the political stuff, which a lot of people complained about. I'm just an odd body, I guess. LOLThis book isn't for everyone, but I seriously enjoyed it. :)PS- Yet another YA book that doesn't seem to me as thought it should be YA. I think an audience who reads adult fantasy would appreciate this book a lot more.

Black Spring

Black Spring - Alison Croggon WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME SHE HAD A NEW BOOK OUT?? I may regret this, because I HATED Wuthering Heights, but I'll give it a shot, because I have so much LOVE for Croggon!
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, Anna Quindlen How can you not love a book that praises a woman for the "liveliness of her mind"? I have read this book continuously since first being assigned it in high school. The language is hard for the average reader, but it is well worth the trip to a dictionary! This is an entrancing, and sweet love story surrounding two rather likable characters. Enjoy it on a vacation or cuddled up with a cup of tea on a rainy day.

Emperor Mage (Immortals (Quality))

Emperor Mage - Tamora Pierce This book freaking ROCKED! Daine is such a great strong female character! Pierce is really the best at creating women that are strong, intelligent, independent, and yet still has appealing human flaws like impatience, arrogance, and anger.My favorite chapter hands down is when Daine loses her temper. So funny! hahahaAnother fantastic book by Pierce. Really, no wonder that she's one of my favorite YA fantasy authors.

Wild Magic (Immortals (Quality))

Wild Magic - Tamora Pierce As usual, Pierce's work is so good that no matter that I'm older than the intended audience, I love these books. Can't put them down, in fact! This is a good first book in the series. :)
Dawn - Octavia E. Butler Octavia Butler should be required reading for those of us who like the more psychological sci-fi than the jargony/war/sciency sci-fi stuff. Which is not to say that Verner Vinge doesn't have his place. But I've always been more of an Orson Scott Card, Dan Simmons, Anne McCaffrey, Sherri S. Tepper kind of a girl.This book is all about the mind and the interesting time an alien would have trying to make sense of our behavior in comparison to their own. In other words, they fail utterly at understanding us, what we need, and how our brains process new info.And if you don't find it one of the most fascinating sci-fi books you've ever read, I'll eat my hat.
Yvonne Goes to York - Marion Chesney This is definitely my favorite book of the series. Such a great resolution to the whole thing. Seeing Hannah end up with her Sir George is of course, extremely gratifying! Such a wonderful and funny series.

The Realms of the Gods (Immortals (Quality))

The Realms of the Gods - Tamora Pierce Oh, this is definitely a great way to wrap up a series. And I just LOVED the love story between Daine and Numair. So nice. If they hadn't known each other so long, I might have felt weird about it. Or maybe I should feel weird. I don't know. She was underage, and he was like 10 years older than her. But they were well complemented for each other, so I couldn't help wanting them to be together. And he was a good man. *shrug*

Parable of the Sower

Parable of the Sower - Octavia E. Butler This book is heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. Death and destruction and the end of the world as we know it, but slow enough to come that we're all lead into complacency by it.It's the heartbreaking story of a young girl, sole survivor of her family, trying to make sense out of the crazy world as she knows it. Her dreams may seem crazy, her religion out of this world (literally), but she has a passion for survival that saves her and benefits those around her. If you like post apocalyptic fiction, without that "I want to kill myself" feeling after you read it, I recommend this book.
Lady Knight - Tamora Pierce LOVED this end to the series, but was disappointed that she didn't really have the romance I was rooting for since she was a squire, with Dom. Bummer. Still, they did allude to it, so I guess that's fine. :)
Squire - Tamora Pierce I am a lady in my mid-thirties and I am blown away by how much I still love these books! Pierce really captures the magic of strong heroines, great storyline and true fantasy. The result is a set of books I can't seem to put down!This is a great third book in the series, Pierce does a great job of building on the story of the past to bring everything into the end of the series. Well done.

First Test: Book 1 of the Protector of the Small Quartet

First Test - Tamora Pierce A great introduction to a character, a lovable and human character who really is the protector of those who can't stand up for themselves.Lovely story!